The Kings Challenge

The annual King’s Challenge at Borderline Speedway was conceived in 1995 after the very successful City of Mount Gambier Australian Sprint-Car Championship.

2015 Kings Challenge Winner - Kerry Madsen

2016 Kings Challenge Winner - Kerry Madsen

The Borderline Speedway club saw the need of a major club event; hence the King’s Challenge was born. The King’s Challenge was originally a two night event. With the Grand Annual Sprint-Car Classic also being a two night event at the time (Four consecutive nights of racing)

With pressure on the teams to race 4 nights straight, the Borderline Speedway Club decided to put the King’s Challenge back to a one night event. The King’s Challenge had been traditionally been on the Friday before the Classic in Warrnambool. In 2014 the Borderline Speedway club moved the King’s Challenge from a Friday to a Thursday night to accommodate the expansion of the now 3 night Grand Annual Sprint-Car Classic.

The King’s Challenge is a $10,000 to win event, attracting big names from Australia and the United States of America. With an ever growing car count and every year the racing getting more exciting, The Kings Challenge is a race you will not want to miss.

2015 Kings Challenge Winners

2016 Kings Challenge Winners from left - right
3rd David Murcott, 1st Kerry Madsen, 2nd Robbie Farr

Kings Challenge Winners

2018 ????? ???
2017 Mother Nature -
2016 Kerry Madsen AUS
2015 Kerry Madsen AUS
2014 Steven Lines AUS
2013 Robbie Farr AUS
2012 Jason Johnson USA
2011 James McFadden AUS
2010 Robbie Farr AUS
2009 Mother Nature -
2008 Robbie Farr AUS
2007 Daryn Pittman USA
2006 Robbie Farr AUS
2005 Donny Schatz USA
2004 Daryn Pittman USA
2003 Donny Schatz USA
2002 Donny Schatz USA
2001 Danny Lasoski USA
2000 Donny Schatz USA
1999 Phil Gressman AUS
1998 Skip Jackson AUS
1997 Gary Brazier AUS
1996 Mother Nature -
1995 Brooke Tatnell AUS


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